[Handling Personal Information]

Agreement of Use
The agreement of ferry boat transportation reservation website (hereinafter referred as “this website”) of Ie Island is established as follows.

Chapter 1 General Provisions

Article 1 (Application of Terms)

  It shall be called the agreement of ferry boat transportation reservation website (hereinafter referred as “this agreement”) of Ie Island. The following services are offered based on this agreement.

(1) Ferry transportation ticket reservation service (hereinafter referred as “reservation service”) is operated by Ie Village.

(2) Other, complementing services of (1)

2. All the agreements settled separately shall be considered a part of this agreement.

Article 2 (Change of Agreement)

  This agreement might be changed without obtaining the consent of the user. In this case the service shall be provided based on the terms and conditions after the change.

Chapter 2 Content of Service

Article 3 (Use of service)

The user may use the services described in Chapter 1 Article 1 of this agreement.

Article 4 (Start of Service)

The start of service is considered from reservation registration on the Internet.

Chapter 3 Boarding Reservation Service

Article 5 (Accepted Start and End of the Reservation

The reservation shall start 60 days before the transportation day and be closed at 16:55 the day before the transportation day.

Article 6 (Restrictions of Reservation)

The following restrictions are applied at the time of reservation.

(1) 1 vehicle registration per 1 reservation is possible.

(2) 1 person (same mail address, birthday, telephone number) may make a reservation up to 2 times per day.

(3) The reservation may be done one-way or round trip.

(4) The reservation expires 30 min prior to departure of the ship.

Article 7 (Payment)

The fare shall be paid at the ticket office of Ie port main building.

Article 8 (Refund at Cancellation)

Refunds are accepted in the following cases at the amount stated on the ticket at the ticket office where the ticket was purchased.

2 Refunds of the full amount in cash are accepted in case the private circumstances of the traveler have changed.
However, if the ticket was already used (purchased for round trip, but used for one way) the refund is not accepted.

3 Refunds of the full amount in cash are accepted in case of stormy weather or troubles with the ship.

Chapter 4 Suspension and Interruption of Use

Article 9 (Interruption of Use)

Ie Village may interrupt the service under the following circumstances

The service may be interrupted in case of equipment maintenance or repair.

(2) The service may be interrupted if type 1 telecommunication operators suspended their service.

(3) The service interruption due to natural disaster, other incident or force majeure.

2 Ie Village would post any information concerning the interruption of service due to any of the reasons above on the website beforehand for the users to know.
However, in case of sudden interruption, this rule may not be applied.

Article 10 (Suspension of Service)

Ie Village may suspend the service in case of the following actions from the side of the user.

(1) It was found out that the information provided by the user at the time of reservation is false.

(2) One of the terms from Article 15 (Prohibited Actions) was violated.

(3) Other actions Ie Village may find inappropriate.

2 Ie Village would post any information concerning the suspension of service due to any of the reasons above on the website beforehand for the users to know.
However, in case of sudden suspension, this rule may not be applied.

Chapter 5 Compensation for damages

Article 11 (Compensation for damages)

Ie Village shall not be responsible for any user damages which come from reasons Ie Village is not responsible for.

2 In case users suffered damages which are the responsibility of type 1 telecommunication operators or other network operators,
Ie Village shall not be responsible for that.

3. Ie Village shall not be responsible for damages caused by natural disaster, other incident or force majeure.

4 Ie Village shall not be responsible for any complaints or lawsuits received from users or third parties against Ie Village to reimburse the damage caused by other user or third party, in these cases users must cover the expenses themselves.

Chapter 6 Maintenance

Article 12 (Maintenance of the Ie Island Ferry Transportation Reservation Website)

Repair or reinstallation will be provided as soon as Ie Village discovers any failure or loss of its equipment.

Article 13 (Maintenance Responsibilities of Users)

Users shall perform maintenance by operating their computer terminals normally without causing any troubles to the service offered.

Chapter 7 Cautions upon Use

Article 14 (Notice to Users)

All notifications from Ie Village to general users shall be performed according to the present agreement.

2 Ie Village shall inform the users in case one of the following occurs.
In this case for all users to receive the notification, the information will be published on the home page.

(1) Changes in these terms.

(2) New service or option.

Suspension of service.

Changes in other conditions or services.

Article 15 (Prohibited Actions)

For all users of the service the following actions are prohibited.

(1) Using the service for commercial purposes.

(2) Sending or writing harmful computer programs.

(3) Interfere with the management of Ie Village transportation internet reservation.

(4) Violating laws

Chapter 10 Miscellaneous provisions

Article 16 (Confidentiality)

Ie Village shall not disclosure any confidential information received from users during the use of the services offered to any third parties.

Article 17 (Exclusive Jurisdiction of the Courts)

In case any litigation has occurred between Ie Village and the user, the exclusive agreement jurisdictional court shall be the court under the jurisdiction of Ie Village.

Supplementary provision

This agreement shall be valid from April 1st 2016.

[Agreement of Use]

Handling Personal Information
Activities to Protect Personal Information

Ferry boat transportation reservation website (hereinafter referred as “this website”) of Ie Island requires mail address and name registration to view some content.
This information will be used for check and query of users at the time of using the service.
This website is operated properly based on disclosure and personal information protection regulations of Ie Village, efforts are paid to develop a website which can be used by customers with confidence.

1. Purpose of Use

Ie Village will collect the personal information registered on the website, decision to provide the information depends only on the customer’s will.
Upon collecting the personal information, the website shall provide the purpose of it.
The personal information collected shall be used at the extent required to achieve the explicit purpose.

   Confirmation of the reservation, replying to requests etc.
  When it is necessary to contact the customer for some reason
  Questionnaire requests, customer trend analysis, creation of statistical data for the management or other necessary analysis
  Other, implementation of activities associated with the above-mentioned

Also, in order to proceed smoothly with the operations above, our company may entrust a part of the business to cooperation companies, etc.
In this case, your information may be provided to subcontractors at necessary extent.
In this case, our company will sign contracts with subcontractors regarding the handling of personal information and make other appropriate supervision.

Safety management and storage of personal information

As for the collected personal information, the website administrator is responsible for its management and prevention measures for leakage, misappropriation, falsification etc.

Provision of Personal Information

Our company shall not provide any personal information to our customers or third parties except reasons described in “1 Purpose of Use” or any of the following cases.
  The customer agrees to share his information
  Disclosure of the personal information upon the request based on laws and ordinances
  When the disclosure is required for the protection of human life, health or property, but it is difficult to obtain the customer's consent.
  If there is a particular need in order to improve or promote the healthy development of children or public health but it is difficult to obtain the customer's consent.
If there is a need to cooperate with national or local governments etc to deal with public affairs, and there is a risk that obtaining the customer's consent may hinder the performance.

4. Revision of personal information protection policy

Private policy of this website may change without any prior notice due to changes in social conditions, advances in technology, environmental changes, etc.

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